Yo mama Turing-completes me

You’re so statistically illiterate you thought p-hacking was when you cheat on a drug test

Yo mama is so religious she thought cross validation was asking what would Jesus do

You’re so clueless you thought a standard deviation was when you’re just, like, a little bit kinky

You’re so idiotic, you ran your epochs in a public school to increase the dropout rate.

You’re so stupid, you thought avoiding average bread for too long would send you into kurtosis

You lack so much rigor, you thought peer review was when sailors vote on their favorite docks

Yo’ mama so dumb she thought when I called pd.to_datetime() it meant a panda was on its way to pick her up for dinner.

 Yo mama so dumb, she thought two active shells under intense pressure produced Perl.

Yo mama so dumb that when she heard that my web API served CORS she wanted to know if it had Budweiser too.

You’re so dumb you thought RSA would make you gay cause it was homo-morphic.

Your mama’s so dumb she thought hurdle modeling was an event in track and field.

Yo mama so dumb she thought GitHub was a site for rickshaw drivers because it had so many pull requests

Yo mama so fat her files cannot be any larger than 2 gigabytes.

 Yo mama so dumb she said she was going to wait to learn MSSQL because she hadn’t seen the original MS yet

You’re so dumb you tried playing Conway’s Game of Life and lost

You’re so theologically uncultured, you thought the cause of Original Sin was a TCP request.

You’re such a noob you think a “rootkit” is a thing that helps you grow plants.

You’re so dumb you thought a buffer overflow was just a bad thing that could happen during PCR.

You so dumb when you read “Indian in the Cupboard” you thought you finally understood the difference between little endian and big endian

You’re so naive you went to Starbucks and asked for a nice steaming cup of javascript.

You’re so clueless, when your objects have a zero reference-count, you throw your computer in the dumpster so they can get garbage collected.

You’re so moronic, you think Gutenberg programmed because he used dynamic typing.

You’re so bad at video games, you played Street Fighter and the street won

You’re so bad at video games, Call of Duty hung up on you

You’re so bad at video games, when the cartridge is in the system, you still blow.

You’re so bad at video games, they should just call you “Mongoose” because you’re constantly killing Snake.

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