Yo mama Turing-completes me

You’re so statistically illiterate you thought p-hacking was when you cheat on a drug test

Yo mama is so religious she thought cross validation was asking what would Jesus do

You’re so clueless you thought a standard deviation was when you’re just, like, a little bit kinky

You’re so idiotic, you ran your epochs in a public school to increase the dropout rate.

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Review: The Stars are Legion

By: Kameron Hurley
Genre: Science Fiction

This book was recommended to me with the nickname “the ooey gooey book” and it did not disappoint. The Stars are Legion is a science fiction novel set inside entirely organic world-ships. I don’t mean like, ‘a Star Trek spaceship but it is slightly green tinged,’ I’m talking people drinking the ceiling mucus and doing surgery on their vehicles. The writing and story were both enough to keep me engaged, but didn’t really go beyond that for me. If you’re desperately searching science fiction for novelty and like the idea of bio-ships, I’d definitely say pick this book up! Just…be ready for it to be gooey.