Review: Born a Crime

By Trevor Noah.
Audiobook: Narrated by the author. I’d prefer to listen to it.

Born a Crime is fantastic. Trevor Noah somehow manages to blend together musings about racism, a picture of South Africa under apartheid, and some truly ridiculous childhood stories into a consistently funny series of essays. I laughed a lot. I learned way more about the apartheid than I did in my U.S. public school. I cried at one point.

I almost want to say “Trevor jumps from amusing anecdotes to darker subject matter effortlessly,” but that wouldn’t be exactly true. Most of the subject matter of this book is dark, because the backdrop is a nightmare police state. But the book protects you from that horror, letting you experience it through a filter of humor.

Born a Crime is a quick, fun read, and manages to show you the world from a new perspective. Trevor’s thoughts, while not exactly profound, are interesting and worthwhile. I’d recommend it.

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