Review: The Dresden Files

Series by Jim Butcher
Genre: Modern fantasy

Alright, today’s review is for a series that I’ve been rereading, but if you haven’t read it, you’re missing out.

The Dresden Files is the story of Harry Dresden, a hard boiled wizard detective. The first book, Storm Front, is a great send-up of the noir genre, but the series rapidly transforms into one of the most intricate and well known modern fantasy books. The world is sprawling, with multiple vampire courts, fae, and christian mythology all blended together in a surprisingly coherent way. You get to watch Dresden grow from a goofy detective into a fairly frightening force over the course of the ten-plus novels. Also, there is a scene where he races an undead T-Rex through Chicago in order to make it to a ghost vortex. So. If that doesn’t sell you I’m not sure what will.

There is one minor downside to the series, which is that in order to make Dresden a proper noir protagonist, Jim Butcher writes him as a little bit sexist. The series itself has a great set of female characters, but you will have to put up with Dresden describing their bosoms and rushing in to try and rescue every available damsel in distress.

The Dresden files are probably my second favorite series, after the Kingkiller Chronicles, and if you have any interest in fantasy, they’re absolutely a must read.

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